active Formotion®

The midfoot stretch panal, integral to the Formotion® Upper technology provides an adaptive fit that works in conjunction with your foot’s natural movement. Active Formotion® stretches and contours as the foot expands during the transition phase from foot plant to toe-off. It returns to it’s original shape as you begin to take weight off the foot.



The removable adiFIT® insole with its print on the top allows to check whether an infant’s or kid’s shoe size fits correctly, too big or too small.



adiPRENE® is a highly shock absorbent material that cushions and protects your heel at impact.



Resilient cushioning used to protect the forefoot and provide a responsive, dynamic toe-off.


adiPRENE® cradle

Full length midsole cradle supplies stable cushioning without the need of additional medial support. Stability through geometry.


adiLITE cradle

Lightweight full length midsole cradle supplies stable lightweight cushioning without the need of additional medial support. Stability through geometry.



Used primarily on our adventure products the adidas drainage system (a.D.S.) is a patented drainage system that is integrated into the shoe’s midsole. The perforated internal midsole al­­lows for maximum water drainage in wet environ­ments.



An abrasion-resistant material used in the toe and/or lateral forefoot area of a shoe’s upper. It protects the upper from excessive wear.



adiWEAR is an extremely durable, non-marking rubber used for adidas sport shoe outsoles in high abrasion areas to avoid early wear and tear.



An antimicrobial upper lining used to suppress fungus growth and offensive odours. It is environmentally friendly and lasts the life of the product.


Assymetrical lacing

Follows the anatomical shape of the foot and increases the area of ball contact when shotting, passing or dribbling a football.

Blown Rubber

is a softer, less durable form of rubber that is used in shoe outsoles and is made by injecting air into a molten rubber compound. The air bubbles make the rubber lighter in weight and softer, make it useful in the construction of lighter, more cushioned more flexible forefoot. Blown rubber is much less durable than solid rubber and typically has poor abrasion and tear resistance. It should not be used in wear zones.



bounce is cushioning designed to turn every last bit of your energy into momentum to help you work out longer and have more fun with less effort.



climacool® uses breathable materials on the upper as well as ventilation channels across the outsole to help evaporate sweat and lower the temperature inside your shoe.



A lightweight, breathable membrane that surrounds your foot, keeping wind, rain and snow out while allowing heat and sweat to escape through evaporation.

climaproof® keeps your feet warm, dry and comfortable when the snow is blowing sideways and the competition has gone indoors.

Mud, snow, ice and rain have no control over your training routine thanks to the protective powers of climaproof®.



Uses breathable materials on the upper as well as ventilation channels across the outsole to help evaporate sweat and lower the temperature inside the shoe.



COOLEVER is a special clover shaped yarn that keeps the foot cool, dry and comfortable.



The new Continental rubber compound offers better incline traction and better traction in wet conditions. Compared to any competitor, Continental rubber is the industry leading traction with better grip in the wet than competitors grip in dry and at the same time offering enhanced performance in any weather and on any terrain. Depending on the running shoe Continental rubber is implemented on various parts of the outsole.


Decoupled Heel

A special heel strike area used in running shoes to help deflect impact, absorb shock and slow the rate of pronation.



Outsole cleats have been injected onto a thin base for flexibility, weight reduction and durability.


EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)

The most commonly used midsole foam material. Compression moulded EVA is heated and compressed into the shape of the midsole. It’s light and resilient and has good cushioning properties.


Forefoot Flex Grooves

Anatomically placed grooves in the midsole and outsole that ensure proper forefoot flexibility.


ForMotion® Road

Formotion® is a freely moving heel system that is decoupled allowing to adapt to your individual running style. Your foot experiences a much smoother, balanced and natural touchdown with Formotion® beneath your feet.

Formotion® Road is specifically designed to on asphalt and smooth surfaces. It provides a more natural touchdown and transition from heel to toe.


ForMotion® Trail

Formotion® is a freely moving heel system that is decoupled allowing to adapt to your individual running style. Your foot experiences a much smoother, balanced and natural touchdown with Formotion® beneath your feet. Formotion® Trail is specifically designed to run on your favorite trail and rough terrain. It provides unsurpassed control and adaptation.



Offers a soft touch and feel for the ball combined with good durability.


Gait Spotter

Improves the accuracy of in store running gait analysis.



Geofit® enhances fit and comfort by placing padding in anatomi-cally correct areas. You will feel a snug fit, increased comfort and an enhanced sense of security and stability.



Geofit®+ uses FitFOAM® to mould the shoe to the shape of your foot for a supremely comfortable, secure fit.



A breathable, waterproof membrane specifically used in selective footwear products to insulate and protect the foot in adverse weather conditions. The Gore-Tex® membrane is a microporous structure keeping liquid water out while allowing water vapor and perspiration to escape through microscopic pores. These pores are approximately 700 times bigger than a water vapor but 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water.


Gore-Tex® XCR®

A breathable, waterproof membrane specifically used in selective footwear products. The XCR® (Extended Comfort Range) membrane offers extremely high breathability and moisture management. It is particularly suited for use in high activity sport shoes, like trail running or adventure hiking.


heel stabilizer

The gender specific heel stabilizer improves the runner’s transition, stabilizing the initial heel contact.



Very thin, lightweight leather that fits like a second skin yet has a high tensile strength. Very popular in football because of its combination of durability and excellent ball feel.

Thicknesses: 0.9 – 1.1 mm for football shoes.



Used in football boots to have a ‘cleaner’ kicking surface when shotting, passing or dribbling a football.



The last is the heart of a shoe. It is the mould which the shoe is built around and therefore determines the fit and feel of the shoe. A last that follows the exact shape and contour of the foot – like the unique contoured last – improves the shoe’s fit for greater comfort and performance.


LightStrike EVA

An exclusive EVA compound that is lighter than traditional EVA with very good durability properties.



Second-density in the medal midfoot area to reduce over-pronation.


Mud Release

The mold has a polished surface. The rubber is so smooth that the mud doesn’t stick to the outsole. The spacing between the traction lugs is engineered in such a way releasing the mud instantly.



Provides premium fit, ball contact and ball feeling through a combination of technologies in a football boot.



An insole material constructed of an open cell polyurethane foam. OrthoLite® insoles are highly breathable, long lasting and fight against the presence of fungus, bacteria and odour.



predator® elements ensure a high and absolute constant swerve performance in wet and dry weather conditions.



is a lightweight, highly supportive yet durable midsole stability TPU element, eliminating the risk of midfoot irritation.



is a lightweight, durable midsole wrapped stability element that eliminates the risk of mid foot irritation.



Lightweight PowerBounce is the natural evolution of bouncetechnology. All excess weight has been stripped away and every cell in the lightweight Powerbounce midsole has been fine-tuned to provide the perfect level of independent cushioning from heel to toe.

Every lightweight Powerbounce cell has been independently tuned for the lightest, smoothest ride ever.



Increases shooting power in football boots and reduces the risk of injury in the metatarsal area.


PU (Polyurethane)

A cellular plastic material more durable and compression resistant than EVA.


360° Reflectivity

Reflectivity is placed 360° around the shoe.



Single layer upper material to achieve a truly lightweight football boot for an intense ball feeling.


Stealth Rubber

Technical and light approach shoe which is made for approach situations where a lot of climbing is involved. With the new Stealth Rubber outsole the shoe is ready for steep ascents.

The uniqueness of Stealth Rubber is its high friction and shock absorption. The difference between Stealth Rubber and other rubbers on the market is obvious. Quite simply, Stealth Rubber provides the best friction on earth.



Supersoft calf leather with superior comfort and feel. Water-resistant yet very breathable. Fast drying time, strong with soft touch.



An internal waterproof, breathable membrane, keeps the foot dry and comfortable in a variety of outdoor climates.



Supreme bovine leather for football combining a natural look, high tearing and high abrasion features. The weatherproof tanning is designed to ensure lower water absorption guaranteeing a lightweight shoe throughout the game.



Lightweight arch support that allows the forefoot and rearfoot to move independently for better surface adaptation and stability. The all Torsion® System is fully engineered and provides a unique transition from heel to toe for both female and male footwear products.


TPU (Thermo Polyurethane)

Heat treated Polyurethane (PU) with harder, tougher and more abrasion resistant attributes.



An outsole cleat design that provides maximum grip in all directions without excessive pressure points on the foot.



Direct injected TRAXION (TRXI FG)

The ultimate in grip, TRAXION-I uses direct injection technology. The result is enhanced comfort because the outsole consists of one, integrated piece. The fused lug design provides stability and control on the pitch and artificial surfaces.



Individual ‘Tuning System’ to adapt to individual player’s requirements, playing surfaces and weather conditions.



Exchangeable lightweight studs allow players to customize their outsole depending on ground conditions (soft ground only), thus improving the utility of the shoe and the confidence of the player.



Provides cushioning, grip and durability through the replication of the foots natural ground contact zones.


Zone traxion

Provides maximum grip off road through outsole engineering that replicates the foot’s natural ground contact zones.