Air flow fabric
The dot structure on this fabric increases the air flow. The stick-free double weave material replaces the need for a lining, providing the ultimate in freedom of movement.


BodyMapping helps to analyze how your body regulates temperature and sweat during exercise. Through BodyMapping, adidas has identified different zones of heat and moisture release based on gender, body type and weather conditions.
Using this information, we are able to design garments that meet the specific environmental demands of each particular sport – from a sweltering urban workout studio to a high mountain running trail.

Breathable fabrics allow perspiration in the form of water vapour to escape through the fabric. Vapour permeability is a determining factor during high intensity workouts providing increased comfort levels and helping to control the athlete’s body temperature for improved performance.


clima 365
clima 365 is evolved from the idea to develop materials keeping the athletes at optimal body temperature and ensure a peak performance regardless of weather conditions. clima 365 includes climalite®, climacool®, climawarm™ and climaproof®.

climacool® is a combination of performance fabrics, open mesh and ventilation channels keep cool air flowing in and heat and sweat flowing out. You stay dry, comfortable and performing at your peak in even the most heated competition.

Light, breathable fabrics worn close to the skin conduct heat and sweat away from the body to keep you cool and dry in warm conditions.

climalite cotton
This fabric wicks and transports liquid sweat away from the skin based on plated/double layer construction. The natural outside provides a soft handfeel, the synthetic inside keeps the skin dry while moisture is transported from the synthetic inner layer to the cotton layer on the outside.
climaproof® is a breathable weather protection in even the harshest of wind, rain and storm conditions by acting as a barrier to these elements. At the same time it allows heat and sweat to escape through evaporation.

climaproof rain 
climaproof® rain – great wind and rain protection.
It is wind and waterproof protection for those who are out in inclement weather, but are moving slower and therefore need an extra level of weather and temperature protection. These garments are suited for day hikes or long, slow training runs in cold, rainy conditions.

climaproof storm 
climaproof® storm – protects you even in the harshest weather conditions. It is highly wind and waterproof and built for extreme conditions where maximum protection is needed over a long period. These garments are suited for multi-day excursions in heavy wind, rain and snow conditions.

climaproof wind 
climaproof® wind – great and lightweight wind protection.
It is the most breathable, lightweight level of protection for those moving fast and throwing off a lot of heat and sweat. It is perfect for an afternoon run in cool, damp conditions. It keeps you warm by blocking energy-sapping wind, while allowing the maximum amount of sweat to evaporate away from the skin.

climawarm™ is lightweight, breathable insulation that keeps you dry and comfortable in cold weather conditions by using densely woven synthetic fibers to trap warm air close to the skin. While these fibers are dense enough to trap air, they are spaced far enough apart to easily allow heat-sapping sweat to escape through evaporation.

Turn up the heat, raise your performance. This climawarm ® +garment with Thermolite® fabric is so good at evaporating sweat and keeping you warm, you’re ready for anything.

A coating is a synthetic layer (e.g. polyurethane or acrylic) directly impregnated on to one side of the fabric to achieve wind and water resistance. These coatings can be transparent or milky, non-porous or hydrophilic. Coated fabrics resist wind and water. They can be water repellent (water column: 300 mm – 1,500 mm) or waterproof (water column above 1,500 mm). Fabrics with a hydrophilic coating also provide breathability. See: climaproof®.

Cocona® is a natural, quick dry, odour and UV-managing fabric technology. Made from activated carbon from recycled coconut shells. It is applied to fabrics and yarns and will not wash off or wear out. Provides the ultimate in evaporative cooling, odour management and UV protection (50+ SPF) without adding steps and costs for additional finishes. No harsh chemicals or topical treatments to irritate skin. Cocona® rapidly moves perspiration over an enormous surface area (created by the pores of the activated carbon), accelerating evaporation similar to how your body cools itself. 


Dri-release®: natural touch with high performance.
Optimer’s Dri-release® uses a patented blend of natural and synthetic fibers. The natural fibers absorb moisture pulling it off the skin and into the fabric. Synthetic fibers repel moisture, forcing it through to the surface of the garment where it evaporates quickly as airflow moves across the fabric. 
adidas Outdoor offers:
• Dri-release® Cotton (80 % PES / 14 % CO / 6 % EL) including 
Freshguard, an environmentally friendly odour neutralizer
• Dri-release® Wool (88 % PES / 12 % merino wool)


Eclon™ is a polyamide fibre made by Eclat. This cotton-like, breathable fabric is very comfortable next to the skin.

Elastane (EL)
Elastane is a man-made fibre, which provides elasticity and improves freedom of movement. It is used in combination with other natural or synthetic fibres for form-fitting apparel. EL is the international abbreviation for elastane. 


Fitted Cut
Garments that feature a fitted cut provide a skin-tight, snug fit to enhance freedom of movement and aerodynamics.

Flowmapping describes a way of managing the intake and exhaust of air through specific zones in a way that maximizes cooling. Optimal vent location allows air to be delivered efficiently to key evaporative cooling zones. Optimal management of air flow from intake to exhaust maintains a supply of relatively cool, relatively dry air to the cooling zones. Effective flowmapping can increase heat loss by up to 30 %.

Flatlock seams
This specific seaming technique provides very flat seams, which improve athlete’s comfort while reducing skin irritation.

FORMOTION® garments use pre-shaped 3D silhouettes that allow great freedom of movement while you exercise. Many features such as sculpted openings at collar, waistband, hem, arm openings, cuffs & leg openings combined with specific fabrics, constructions and ideal seam placement result in optimized fit and comfort.


GORE-TEX® active shell
GORE-TEX® Active Shell laminates combine a lighter, thinner GORE-TEX® membrane with fine denier performance textiles to deliver the ultimate 3-layer solution for the active consumer. On the liner side a proprietary lamination technology integrates the backer textile directly into the GORE-TEX® membrane allowing for extreme breathability and excellent next to skin comfort.
The streamlined laminate package, together with GORE’s scientific system level approach to garment design brings a completely new, never before seen level of comfort performance into the world of waterproof apparel.

GORE-TEX® Pro Shell is engineered with the most rugged, most breathable and durably waterproof and windproof fabrics. It meets the demands of outdoor professionals and serious enthusiasts so it is the optimum solution for professional outerwear to use under extreme tough conditions. The GORE-TEX® Pro Shell 3-Layer comprises a specific high performance GORE-TEX® membrane, bonded together to a tough outer material and a robust inner lining.

Graduated compression
Graduated compression means that firmness is applied in a specific zone along the body. This medically researched and defined pressure gradient profile, enhances the micro-blood circulation in the muscles, improving the rate of oxygen exchange. This also improves the return of waste products to the heart and through the lymphatic system. The application of specifically graduated compression profiles also allows the enhancement of proprioceptive awareness and reduces energy wasting muscle vibration. These three phenomena can help optimize performance. 


illumiNITE® is a reflective print process. illumiNITE® treated fabrics ensure that the athlete is visible in the low light conditions of dawn, dust or night. During the day illumiNITE® is invisible. When a light source shines on it, it becomes reflective, creating a silhouette of the person wearing it. illumiNITE® does not effect other fabric functions like breathability or water resistance. 

The Infinitex® label on adidas swimwear garment indicates that it has highly chlorine-resistant properties. These long-lasting attributes are the result of a new innovative Lycra® fibre, made by DuPont®. The fabric combines a soft feeling, perfect fit and optimal comfort for garments used in chlorinated water.


The objective of layering is to manage the microclimate around the athlete’s body for optimum performance. This can be achieved through a system of layering different garments:
Base layer – breathability and moisture management. Insulation layer – breathability and insulation. 
Protection layer – breathability and weather protection. Combining different functional garments, creating a layering system, ensures that the athlete stays dry and comfortable in any climate.

Lycra® is a DuPont® branded elastane fibre that can stretch up to five times of its original length and recover immediately. Because of its exceptional stretchability and return properties, garments made with Lycra® provide a perfect fit, elasticity and freedom of movement. Lycra® is also highly resistant to chlorine and saltwater. This high quality elastane fibre is never used on its own, but in conjunction with other natural or synthetic fibres for swimwear and other form-fitting apparel. 

Lycra® Active Comfort
Lycra® Active Comfort provides more comfort when the athlete is in motion. This garment combines a soft feel next to the skin, complements the body shape and reduces power to the muscles during exercise.

Lycra® Power
Lycra® Power offers durable compression and support. Garments are engineered to apply pressure to muscle groups, which increases power and endurance while reducing muscle vibration, a primary cause of fatigue. Compression also keeps muscles in place, improving the accuracy and efficiency of movement.


A membrane is a thin film layer of synthetic material, e.g. polyurethane. Membranes generally offer high wind resistance, water resistance and breathability. They can be attached through the seams of a garment (Z-Liner) or directly laminated against the face fabric and lining (Laminate).

Microfibres are superfine fibres made of polyester or polyamide. They can be used for woven or knitted fabrics. A single microfibre is extremely fine and 10,000 m of one fibre has a weight 1.2 g or less. Microfibres are used to make soft, lightweight and functional fabrics that have a nice drape and hand feel. They are very versatile and can provide moisture management for base layers, insulation for thermal layers and water and wind resistance for outer layers. 

The climate between the athlete’s skin and the garment worn is the microclimate. The human body performs best at a constant core temperature, which is why athletes need garments that manage the microclimate around their body during exercise.

Moisture Management
This refers to the property in a fabric, which allows liquid sweat to be absorbed and transported away from the skin to the outer fabric face for quick evaporation. Athletes wearing moisture management garments stay dry and comfortable while exercising. Garments offering moisture management help avoid overheating, reduce post
exercise chills and allow the body to maintain a constant core temperature for increased performance. 


PaddingA protective layer, which provides cushioning, shock absorption and helps avoid chafing e.g. goalkeeper pads.

This is the international abbreviation for poly-butyl-terephtalat, 
a man-made fibre. PBT is a specific type of polyester. Because it does not need to be indicated separately on a label or in a catalogue, it is described as polyester to avoid confusion. 

Polyamide (PA)
PA is the international abbreviation for polyamide or nylon, a man-made fibre with excellent functional characteristics, making it ideal for sports apparel. Fabrics made out of polyamide are breathable, lightweight, quick drying, abrasion resistant, shape retaining and easy to care for. Variations in appearance and weight can be obtained, according to specific requirements. Weights range from light to heavy. Textures can be smooth, crinkled, matte or shiny 

Polyester (PES)
PES is the international abbreviation for polyester, the most versatile and popular man-made fibre. Fabrics made out of polyester provide superior functional characteristics. These lightweight, breathable fabrics are resistant to: abrasion, light and heat. They are also quick drying, shape retaining and easy to care for. Variations in appearance and weight can be obtained, according to specific requirements. Weights range from light to heavy. Textures can be smooth, crinkled, matte or shiny. 

PrimaLoft insulation products offer superior performance for high quality cold-weather gear. PrimaLoft is incredibly soft, lightweight, breathable with excellent water repellency, so you remain dry, warm and comfortable – even under the most extreme conditions.


Ripstop is a functional fabric construction that enhances the tearing strength of a fabric. Thicker threads used alternately, give the material a checked look. It can be used in different fibres and fabrics, woven or knitted. 


Seam sealed
A durable polyurethane adhesive tape applied with pressure and heat along the seams. It covers stitch holes and edges to provide waterproof qualities to an entire garment.


Tactel®, a branded polyamide fibre from DuPont®, is available in a wide range of fabrics constructed to deliver particular benefits. Tactel® fabrics can be rugged, structured, breathable and wind and water resistant. Tactel® is ideal for outerwear, as well as soft, lightweight and moisture wicking, close-fitting garments.

techfit cut & sew
adidas techfit® cut & sew is a high performance apparel range designed to increase comfort during sports preparation.
More body awareness: Compression on joints and muscles improves body awareness.
More support: Compression reduces muscles vibration supporting you to perform at your best.
More protection: UV protection +50
Quick dry: climalite®

techfit miCoach
adidas techfit® miCoach® is a high performance apparel range designed to increase comfort while using heart rate monitoring during sports preparation.
More comfort: Eliminates the need for separate heart rate chest strap during training. Super soft seams & special pattern ensure a maximum level of comfort.
More support: Compression reduces muscles vibration supporting you to perform at your best.
More ventilation: Integrated climacool® technology allows enhanced moisture.

techfit powerweb
adidas techfit® powerweb is a high performance apparel range which is scientifically proven to enhance your performance.
More speed*: Improved posture and body positioning to enhance strength and confidence.
More vertical leap*: Stores and returns elastic energy to help generate power during running and jumping.
More power*: Improved core stability to enhance strength and explosive power.
More endurance*: Reduces vibration and focuses the muscle energy to increase endurance.

techfit powerweb Women
techfit® powerweb Women products offer an enhanced compression fit with updated pattern and cut. The printed PU bands are adapted and renewed specifically for the female form, including a break under the bust for comfort and ease of wearing. They also feature new graphical elements through printed graphics to enhance the dynamic direction. Mesh overlayer remains to keep a feminine appeal while combining with the highest level of compression. climacool® bodymapping completes the technical approach.

techfit recovery
adidas techfit® recovery is a high performance apparel range which is scientifically proven to enhance your recovery.
Ready again: Delays the onset fatigue by decreasing lactate loading rate by 5.6 %*.
Faster recovery: Speeds up the recovery process by increasing lactate removal rate by 5.1 %*.
More comfort: Focuses compression on the main muscle groups while maintaining freedom of movement around the joints.
More ventilation: Integrated climacool® technology allows enhanced moisture management to keep you cool and dry.

techfit preparation
adidas techfit® preparation is a high performance apparel range designed to increase comfort during sports preparation.
More freedom of movement:   Super soft seams & special pattern ensure a maximum level of comfort during sport exercise.
More support: Compression reduces muscles vibration supporting you to perform at your best.
More ventilation: Integrated climacool® technology allows enhanced moisture management to keep you cool and dry.
techfit seamless
techfit® seamless products complete the offer with a medium level of compression. Special hug and lift zones are built into 
the garment to lift and support specifically targeted areas of the body. They also feature tonal design elements to enhance the dynamic direction. climacool® bodymapping completes the technical approach.

techfit sprintweb
techfit® sprintweb is a specially designed print to help runners maintain a good posture while running. Less muscle vibration leads to 0.8 % more endurance through techfit® compression in comparison with normal clothing.

techfit tuned compression
Zones of higher compression on larger muscle groups give a series of performance benefits such as reduced fatigue and faster recovery of over 5 % while zones around the lungs and joints are designed to be flexible, creating greater comfort and mobility. Recommended for athletes of all levels and sports and especially for the athlete who needs fast recovery.

techfit for Women
adidas techfit® for Women in SS13 has an update through design, technology & aesthetics. Still offering compression technology of all levels but with additional focus on benefits such as core stability, posture alignment, body awareness and support. Inclusion of special hug and lift zones enhance the product to a new dimension. techfit® PW tight now with a link to adilibria through an additional colour.

This finish from DuPont® is a chemical compound that builds molecules up around the fibre to form a tight protective layer. This layer protects against stains, water, oil and dirt, but does not change the nature of the fabric. This provides protection while maintaining the inherent qualities and breathability of the fabric. Teflon® has been dermatological tested, is eco-safe and does not contain CFC’s. adidas uses Teflon® finishes on swimwear fabrics to reduce water drag and on protection layer products (e.g. climaproof®) to optimize the water repellence of the fabric. 

Thermal insulation
The body’s muscles work optimally when they are warm. In order to prevent heat loss in cold and windy conditions, especially during the transition from rest to physical exertion, the athlete needs thermal insulation. Thermal insulation provides protection against ambient temperature and is achieved with single or double-sided brushed fleece fabrics that trap heated air next to the body.

Thinsulate™ is a lightweight thermal insulation made by 3M. It is a durable, low bulk material which keeps athletes warm even in damp or wet conditions.


UV Protection
Excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays causes sunburn and increases the risk of skin cancer. Active outdoor sports require UV protection. Garments with UV Protection should be worn when performing in the sun for extended periods of time.


Ventilation is the circulation of external air around the inside of a garment. During exercise, heat and moisture are emitted from the body. Ventilation allows cool air to pass in and carries warm moist air away from the body, keeping the body temperature stable and eliminating overheating. See: climacool.

Visibility is especially important in low light conditions. Reflective piping and prints on garments, using technologies like illumiNITE®, assures the athlete’s safety. 
Water column
This is the standard measurement for the water resistance capabilities of a garment. The water column is expressed in millimetres and the amount of millimetres indicates the amount of water pressure a fabric can resist. 

Water repellent
A water repellent fabric resists water but is not waterproof. The water column varies between 300 mm – 1,500 mm (adidas definition).

The property of a fabric that withstands the penetration of water. Waterproof® fabrics are generally coated with chemicals or laminated with membranes. A Waterproof garment provides a water column minimum of 1,500 mm (adidas definition) and has sealed seams. 

Weather protection
In extreme weather conditions the athlete’s body needs to be protected from cold, wind and rain. An athlete’s body should be kept dry and at a constant core temperature to perform optimally. Exercise produces heat and moisture that can become trapped inside the garments. Using fabrics and membranes that are breathable allows heat and moisture to escape while preventing water, cold and wind from entering. 
See: climaproof®.
Weather protection layers must work with other layers and should not inhibit their performance. See: Layering. 
Wind resistance
Wind resistance is a fabric’s ability to prevent wind penetration and resist heat loss. Wind resistance is necessary to prevent chills in cold climates and to provide better body temperature control. All climaproof® fabrics provide wind resistance. 

The lightest, most packable product, offering total windproofness, maximum breathability and water resistance. WINDSTOPPER® Active Shells keep you comfortable for enhanced performance during highly aerobic activities.
• Lightweight fabric: Allows excessive body heat to escape efficiently.
• Packable: Compresses and stores easily when not in use.
• Water resistant: Sheds rain, snow and dries quickly.